Lord Muruga Expounding the Meaning of Pranava to Lord Shiva
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Swamimalai Murugan Temple - Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.
According to Hindu belief, Swamimalai is where Muruga preached what as called as “Pranava mantra” to his own father, Shiva, at a tender age, after arresting Brahma for not answering his question about Pranava Mantra, “Om”. wikipedia

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Lord Rama with Sita and Lakshmana
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Sketch with Kali and a Young Boy
ca 1800. India Punjab Hills, Kangra?
Ink heightened with color on paper
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Lord Shiva Protected by Snake
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Lord Vishnu Avatars & Eight Lakshmi
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Swayambhu Ziro’s Shivlingam - the largest Shivling in the world
Kardo, Ziro Forest, Arunachal Pradesh

A miraculous discovery of Shiva Lingam of Sidheswar Nath Temple took place in the 1-forthnight of July’2004. According to the Hindu Calendar, it is the month of Shravana, a sacred month to worship Lord Shiva. A Nepalese, Mr Prem Subha was cutting tree standing at the right of the Lingam. The tree was expected to fell just over it, fortunately, nothing harmed it and the tree landed a few meters away from the Lingam. He felt surprised over it and looked at the rising stone. Suddenly something struck in his mind and realized that it was not a mere stone. It stood clearly visible which appealed him to believe it as Shiva Lingam. Being fully inspired with his beliefs, he started telling the people all about what he had seen and what had happened.

The mystery of this Lingam in Ziro has obviously mentioned in the SHIVAPURANA in 17th chapter of the ninth section (Nava Khand ke Satrahwa Adhyaya) edition 1893 that the tallest Shiva Lingam will appear at a place which will be called Lingalaya and the later the whole will be known as Arunachal.

Location : It is about 4 Km away from Hapoli township. The height of Shiva Lingam is 25ft. and 22 ft width at Kardo. Million of devotees who offer their prayers, worship and faith of Lord Shiva in the remote Himalayan region of Tribal beliefs and traditions.
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Kamadhenu - The Wish Fulfilling Divine Cow
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Nimtolla Ghat, Calcutta ( Kolkata ) 1945
Hindus bathe in the holy water of a canal which was cut from the original bed of the Ganges. Steps lead down from the grounds of the Kalighat temple. Water is still considered holy, even though from the Hooghly.

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Durga Bhavani Maa
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Shree Radha Krishna (via Fine HD Wallpapers)

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